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Assistant Editing


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Filmmaker U Chat with Siân Fever Assistant Editor for Netflix's "The Crown"

Filmmaker U Chat with Siân Fever Assistant Editor for Netflix's "The Crown"

Siân Fever is the Assistant Editor for Netflix's "The Crown." She joined Filmmaker U to discuss assistant work, organization, productivity, and to answer user's questions! Every Friday at 2PM EST, Filmmaker U is joined by award-winning filmmakers and creatives from the film and television industry. Please join us weekly to ask your questions live with our guest or watch or vast catalog of talented lineup of past interviewees. --- About Siân Fever: Siân Fever is a London-based short form offline editor for broadcast, marketing and corporate content. She has a proven strength in music programming and branded content. Her clients include: Universal, Xbox, Sony BMG, Microsoft, Red Bull, Ford Mondeo, MTV, The Disney Channel, AOL, Natwest, ITV, Channel 4, The Mercury Music Prize and The Olympics. Siân is the co-organizer of Geek Feminism at Nine Worlds GeekFest, and sits on the board of governors of the Guild of British Film and Television Editors (GBFTE). About Filmmaker U: Before the age of digital mentorship played a key role in film crews, post crews, and filmmaker’s career development. Places like the cutting room were hubs for passing on techniques, ideas, war stories, teamwork, and developing relationships that would help you evolve your career. You would move from trainee to assistant, and eventually, the day would come where you became a full-fledged DP, Editor, Filmmaker, or any other position in the film industry. Pro’s who had worked years and were coming close to the end of their career delighted in sharing the knowledge, techniques, tricks, and ideas, they had learned over the decades. However, with this digital age, young film professionals are thrust into positions without having the chance to learn from those at the top of their game. Filmmaker U was created to help fill this void in the modern day film industry. This online education series will bring the best in the business from behind the camera, to any aspiring media artist who can no longer obtain this type of apprenticeship. Our recent classes include Oscar-winning Sound Designer Eugene Gearty ("Life of Pi," "Hugo," "The Irishman"), Colorist Eric Whipp ("Mad Max: Fury Road", "Happy Feet 2"), Oscar-nominiated Editor/Director Sam Pollard ("4 Little Girls," "When the Levees Broke"), Cinematographer/Director Kirsten Johnson (Citizen Four," "Farenheit 9/11," "Cameraperson"), and multi Emmy-winner Brian Kates, ACE ("Treme," "The Savages," "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel".) For more information or to sign up for classes #FilmmakerU #FilmU #MeetYourMaker #LearnFilm #FilmSchool #thecrown #netflix #editing #filmmaking #SianFever #AssistantEditor #AssistantEditing #Covid19 #postProduction
TRA Present Breaking Into Post Production 2: Continuing the Conversation

TRA Present Breaking Into Post Production 2: Continuing the Conversation

A Q&A with industry experts from high end TV drama, feature films, and factual on breaking into Post Production. ABOUT THIS EVENT BECTU and The Rough Assembly are excited to present and welcome you to Breaking Into Post Production Part 2: Continuing The Conversation. This specific session was scheduled as part of BECTU's #wednesdayworkshops programme. The panel answer your questions on breaking into the post production industry. Panel members include: Riccardo Bacigalupo - First Assistant Editor (Mission: Impossible - Fallout, War Machine, Kingsman: The Secret Service) Naomi Smallwood - First Assistant/Assembly Editor (Chimerica, Cleaning Up, Humans) Toby Nutter - Documentary Editor (24 Hours in A&E, History Hunters, 999: What's Your Emergency?) Jasmin John - First Assistant Editor (Tin Star, Liar, Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans) The panel is chaired by BECTU member Eleanor Adler: Screen Skills HETV Editorial Trainee 20/21 (Roadkill). LINKS MENTIONED Sara Putt’s Trainee Scheme - PACT Diversity Scheme - MAMA Youth Project - Media Trust Youth Programmes - Master the Workflow - Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp: Assistant Editing for Reality TV Webinar - Avid Assistant Foundation Course - PP&F Ratecards - PP&F Committee - For more visit
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