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Skills Checklists for the Editorial Department

Over the past few months, Arthur Harrison, Louisa Hawkins, Christopher Chow and I have been working with Screen Skills on a groundbreaking and important new project, to deliver Skills checklists for crew working in the Editorial Department.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide core information about the responsibilities and skills for each role in the first set of crew led guidelines

  • Show the differences between the roles of 1st Assistant Editor, 2nd Assistant Editor and Editorial Trainee

  • Create skill lists that can feed into job descriptions and guide hiring processes

  • Define the roles to manage expectations and safeguard crew from exploitation and unfair treatment

  • Supplement the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit with resources you can use to to plan your skills development

We led the development and crew consultations on these checklists. Thank you to our colleagues who lent their expertise and support which was invaluable.

The checklists are flexible enough to be tailored by the department, production, or company to fit the role, genre and budget band of a production.

Find out more about the Skills Checklists here.

Assistant Editor's Toolkit

I have been developing a new resource to support Editorial Trainees and Assistant Editors' career development in the cutting room for The Rough Assembly. It is made up of two documents: The Skills Guide which allows you to keep track of technical skills you have learnt from job to job, separated into Avid Media Composer, Paperwork, Rushes, Turnovers and Editing as well as The Review Guide which gives you the space to reflect on your current job, including what skills you have learnt and what you would like to learn next.


Find out more about the Assistant Editor's Toolkit here.

Making The Cut

I co-founded Making The Cut, a Facebook group with over 1.5K members for Edit Trainees, Junior Editors, Edit Assistants, Runners, Students and new industry entrants who would like to pursue a career in Post Production. Join the group here.

Industry Committees

The Rough Assembly

I'm currently serving as the Secretary on BECTU’s Post Production & Facilities committee. I have a particular interest in finding out what issues new entrants face and bringing them to the committee. I joined BECTU because we can only improve the challenges we face in our industry by working together. Find out more about our work here.

I was thrilled to organise a series of weekly webinars for The Rough Assembly. From Assistant Editing for Beginners, to the ADR process on Netflix’s Dark Crystal, the webinars spanned all levels of experience as well as TV Drama, Factual, Feature Films and Short Form. They were a success and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

Into Film

I was a Youth Advisory Council Member for Into Film where I influenced decisions regarding content for their website/publicity materials and took part in practical filmmaking tasks and theory classes. 

Speaking Events​

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