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Let's Break Into Post Production!

“Get a job as a Post Production Runner.”

But where are jobs posted?


“Learn the editing software.”

Which one?


“You need to expand your network.”

How do I meet people?


“Attend industry events.”

Where do I find them?

Before I took my first steps into the industry, I didn't know where to start, let alone how to 'break in'. Finding information online was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! If you are reading this in the same situation, hello, welcome, and don't worry! We all know how challenging starting out in the Film & TV Industry can be. 


Whether you're a Student who is researching "how to become an Editor" for the first time, a Post Production Runner looking to break into drama, an Edit Trainee trying to find out what you need to learn, or a 2nd Assistant Editor looking to find your next job, I hope you find the collections of resources useful and good luck! 

Video - Timeline tour 4

Editing and Avid Training

Would you like training on all the skills you need to know to be an assistant editor or are you looking for one-on-one time to get all your burning questions answered?

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The Industry

Discover this exclusive collection of Post-Production industry resources! Events, Post houses, awards and more...



Longer posts including a list of Post Production Houses, Assistant Editing resources and interviews with Post Production Runners.



Do you need to learn Avid Media Composer? Start networking? Prep before your first 2nd Assistant Editor job? Find helpful resources here!

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Find out more about me.



Find out what projects I'm currently working on to help people break into Post Production and how you can get involved.

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