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60 Film Editing Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram is a great way to find new training courses, community events and editing memes. We can pick and choose accounts to follow, and muting the stories/posts is always an option if we want it. Many Post Production Houses are on Instagram, which can help us find out a little more about each company, whether that be for an upcoming job interview or to compare their Friday Treats! Here are some film editing accounts I enjoy following. I’d love to know what your favourite film account is? Comment below!


@film_and_color (Colour grading courses)


@bectuunion (union for Film, TV and Theatre)

@rough_assembly (BECTU's Post Production & Facilities branch)

@bcpcollective (Blue Collar Post Collective for UK & US Post Production)

@bwippnetwork (Black Women In Post Production)

@wftv_uk (Women in Film and Television)

Equipment & Software (Blue light blocking software for your computer)

@avid.mediacomposer (Editing software)

@avid.protools (Sound design software)




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