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60 Film Editing Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram is a great way to find new training courses, community events and editing memes. We can pick and choose accounts to follow, and muting the stories/posts is always an option if we want it. Many Post Production Houses are on Instagram, which can help us find out a little more about each company, whether that be for an upcoming job interview or to compare their Friday Treats! Here are some film editing accounts I enjoy following. I’d love to know what your favourite film account is? Comment below!


@film_and_color (Colour grading courses)


@bectuunion (union for Film, TV and Theatre)

@rough_assembly (BECTU's Post Production & Facilities branch)

@bcpcollective (Blue Collar Post Collective for UK & US Post Production)

@bwippnetwork (Black Women In Post Production)

@wftv_uk (Women in Film and Television)

Equipment & Software (Blue light blocking software for your computer)

@avid.mediacomposer (Editing software)

@avid.protools (Sound design software)




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Instagram and social media is a great resource to find out about upcoming events and meet new people. We have recently started up a Facebook group for Edit Trainees, Edit Assistants, Post Production Runners and Students which we'd love you to join!

Have you checked out the NEW, YES NEW… AH EXCITING ‘The Industry’ or the ‘Resources' pages yet?! There you’ll find collections of essential industry resources you can use to start your career. Head to the bottom of this page to find more blog posts about Assistant Editing, Post Production Running, Interviews and Film Editing.


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