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Where Can I Learn Assistant Editing For Beginners?

The resources below are for those of us who would like to learn more about Assistant Editing at a beginner's level. *Puts hand up.* I'm working my way through them at the moment and thought it would be great to have them in one place and so I thought why not add them to the blog?! I hope you enjoy reading them too.

I've created a new page called Resources, which is home to a bank of videos, books, articles and more split into into the following topics. Click on one below to go straight to the page.


Which resource are you going to check out? Have you got another one to add to the list? Let me know by commenting below! If you found these resources to learn Assistant Editing useful, you may also enjoy watching a webinar with 1st Assistant Editors on Breaking Into Post Production.

If you want guaranteed time with an industry professional to receive feedback, training and industry insight tailored to you, I'm now offering one-to-one online tutoring sessions! From career pathways to assistant editing, I'd be happy to be your guide. Find out more info here... don't struggle on your own!

Have you checked out the NEW, YES NEW… AH EXCITING ‘The Industry’ or the ‘Resources' pages yet?! There you’ll find collections of essential industry resources you can use to start your career. Head to the bottom of this page to find more blog posts about Assistant Editing, Post Production Running, Interviews and Film Editing.

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