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Assistant Editing and Avid Media Composer Tutoring

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Eleanor Adler - Tutoring - Joanna Celine p1.png

I am thrilled to now offer one-to-one tutoring sessions! If you would like guaranteed time with an industry professional to receive feedback, advice and industry insight tailored to you, this is for you! 

I built my career from the ground up with no guidance, connections, or formal schooling after completing an extensive amount of research on the industry, networking and meeting people and learning how to break into it, I have now been working within the industry for six years on a variety of feature films and episodic series such as Snow White, Slow Horses and The Buccaneers for Disney, Apple TV+ and HBO.

I now enjoy using this knowledge to develop training materials for Assistant Editors and Editorial Trainees such as the Assistant Editor's Toolkit and have guest lectured at Cambridge and Solent University. I am honoured to represent members and advocate for creating a healthier, fairer and more accessible industry in my role as Secretary of The Rough Assembly. 

If you are looking for...

  • Advice on what to do after university

  • Insight into a day in the life of an Assistant Editor

  • Career pathways to become an Assistant Editor

  • Personalised feedback on your CV

  • Walkthroughs and training at your own pace in 

    • Dailies including syncing, grouping, respeeds, transcoding and troubleshooting

    • Sound design including types of sound, tracklaying, sound effects and audio effects.

    • Visual effects including paint outs, green screens, comps and split screens.​

    • Turnovers including music, sound, ADR and picture turnovers and paperwork

    • Paperwork including. continuity notes, scripts, cut continuities

  • Avid media composer training 

PS: There are no silly questions!

Tutoring Sessions include:

  • Answering a short questionnaire during booking to tell me what topics you are stuck on 

  • I will use your questionnaire to prepare for your session 

  • 1-hour one-to-one personalised session over Zoom

  • A pack of session notes, guides and resources on the topics we discussed

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