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Join Our New Post Production Community

We have created a new Facebook community called Making The Cut, for all of us at entry level who would like to break into Post Production. If you're a Student, Post Production Runner, Post Production Assistant, Edit Assistant or Edit Trainee come and join us! We share film editing resources, industry secrets, upcoming events and support each other in our careers whilst we 'make the cut'. We value open discussion and asking questions. It's been great to meet everyone and watch the group grow into a thriving community of over 650 people!!

In Making The Cut we can:


Making The Cut was created to gather together a community of people who would like to pursue a career in Post Production. Social Media is a great place to connect with new people, learn new skills and find out about upcoming events. Check out this list of Film Editing Instagram accounts to follow. There are some great community pages which champion women in post production and many more to lighten up your feed. If you would like to find out more about being a Post Production Runner you've also come to the right place! Check out this list of Post Production Companies in London, Manchester and Bristol.

If you want guaranteed time with an industry professional to receive feedback, training and industry insight tailored to you, I'm now offering one-to-one online tutoring sessions! From career pathways to assistant editing, I'd be happy to be your guide. Find out more info here... don't struggle on your own!

Have you checked out the NEW, YES NEW… AH EXCITING ‘The Industry’ or the ‘Resources' pages yet?! There you’ll find collections of essential industry resources you can use to start your career. Head to the bottom of this page to find more blog posts about Assistant Editing, Post Production Running, Interviews and Film Editing.

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