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[WEBINAR] How Do I Become A Post Production Runner?

This week, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to co-host a webinar on Breaking Into Post Production for The Rough Assembly. Imogen Marks (Screen Skills Editorial Trainee) and I delved into what it is like to be a Post Production Runner, where to look to find a job and we shared our favourite resources to gain insight into film editing. It was great to meet university students, school leavers, re-trainers and people who have changed careers to pursue Post!

If you would like to watch the webinar, it is now live on YouTube!

Links used in the webinar:

What does a Post Production Runner do?

Where can we look for Post Production Runner jobs?

Professional Editing Software

Film Editing Tutorials

Film Editing YouTube Channels

Film and TV Industry

Film Editing Facebook Groups

Film Editing Books

Colour Grading Books

Post Sound Books

*Please note that I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, on purchases through the links above. Thank you for supporting the blog!


I thoroughly enjoyed hosting this webinar with Imogen. We have since started up the Facebook group for Edit Trainees, Edit Assistants, Post Production Runners and Students which you can join here. Check out this page to discover more posts about Post Production Running including interviews with Post Production Runner, Ryan Patterson.

If you want guaranteed time with an industry professional to receive feedback, training and industry insight tailored to you, I'm now offering one-to-one online tutoring sessions! From career pathways to assistant editing, I'd be happy to be your guide. Find out more info here... don't struggle on your own!

Have you checked out the NEW, YES NEW… AH EXCITING ‘The Industry’ or the ‘Resources' pages yet?! There you’ll find collections of essential industry resources you can use to start your career. Head to the bottom of this page to find more blog posts about Assistant Editing, Post Production Running, Interviews and Film Editing.

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