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Post Production Runner Career Guide

When I was looking for my first role as a Post Production Runner, I was very confused over what I should be doing, what I needed to know and once I was a runner, what was the next step? During this time, I found My First Job In Film’s (MFJF) career guides and CV advice, which can be accessed without paying a subscription fee, very helpful. It is important to note that paying a subscription for job listings is absolutely not necessary. I definitely fell into this trap before, but there are brilliant free resources available, some of which can be found here Where are Post Production Runner Jobs Listed?

Whilst we are in university, film school, sixth form or running, we can use the career guide as a checklist, which is always available to go back to when we would like some guidance on what to learn next, how to up skill at work or how to improve our employability.

It is divided into three stages:

Stage 1 is described as our ‘very first steps in the industry, where our CV is looking very thin on experience’, which would be perfect for university, film school, school leavers or those of our making a career change. MFJF also have an example of what a Post Production Runner's CV may look like for stage 1.

Stage 2 is for when we are ‘gaining experience and building up our list of industry contacts’ in preparation for our first role as a Post Production Runner.

Stage 3 is for when we are working as a runner in a Post House and includes a checklist of steps we can take to up skill during our work day.


My one-to-one mentoring sessions are now open for booking! Are you a Student, Runner, Edit Assistant, Trainee or 2nd Assistant Editor who would like to learn the scripted workflow or refresh your skills? You can book your next session here.

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