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30 Post Production Runner Duties

What do Post Production Runners actually do? From preparing edit suites to delivering equipment, it's not just about making coffee! Here's a list of duties you may come across whilst working in a Post Production House! In larger Post Production Houses, there may be a Head Runner who will delegate the day’s responsibilities amongst the Runner’s team. If you would like to find out more about a day in the life of a Post Production Runner, check out What Do Post Production Runners Do?

Running a building

  • Opening up the building on an early shift

  • Closing down the building on a late shift

  • Alarming the building


  • Maintaining the building, for example replacing faulty light bulbs

  • Ordering stock including stationery, food and Friday treats

  • Logging stock expenses

  • Deep cleaning communal areas as well as the Runner’s kitchen

  • Deep cleaning crockery and utensils

In edit suites

  • Cleaning the edit suites

  • Removing used crockery from edit suites

  • Changing bins in the edit suites

  • Preparing the editing suites for clients to use

  • Moving clients between edit suites

  • Clearing out edit suites when clients leave

  • Keeping the editing suites and communal areas tidy

For clients

  • Receiving calls from clients to orders their breakfast, lunch, dinner or refreshments

  • Preparing client orders eg. toast, teas, coffees and porridge

  • Delivering orders to clients in their edit suites

  • Logging client expenses

  • Booking taxis and couriers for clients

  • Printing and delivering paperwork for clients

Out and about

  • Collecting lunch and dinner orders from local eateries

  • Purchasing supplies from local shops using petty cash

  • Purchasing Friday treats for clients!

  • Collecting or delivering equipment to and from local companies

  • Collecting or delivering confidential hard drives between buildings

Training opportunities


My one-to-one mentoring sessions are now open for booking! Are you a Student, Runner, Edit Assistant, Trainee or 2nd Assistant Editor who would like to learn the scripted workflow or refresh your skills? You can book your next session here.

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