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12 Film Editing Facebook Groups To Join

We can find out more about the Film and TV Industry by joining Film Editing Facebook groups! Unfortunately, these groups can be challenging to find and before someone told me or invited me to each one, I had no idea they existed! Not only are these groups a great place to meet new people, they are also a gold mine of job posts, upcoming industry events, opportunities to ask for technical help and of course hilarious editing stories!

Recently, I started up a group called Making The Cut for new entrants into the industry including Post Production Runners, Edit Assistants, University Students, Edit Trainees and more. I may be a bit biased but you should definitely join and invite your friends! He he!

Here are some Facebook groups to check out to see if we meet the entry criteria. Some groups are perfect for those of us with no experience, others require members to have a couple of Broadcast TV/Film credits under their belts. Do not worry if you don't meet a specific criteria for one group, there will be many others perfect for you!

Each group has its own set of rules and entry criteria. Please ensure you read them carefully before submitting a request to join.

Assistant Editors (London) - For Assistant Editors only.

Avid Editors of Facebook - A forum for Editors who use Avid Media Composer.

Blue Collar Post Collective - Bringing together Post Production professionals from across the globe, BCPC is a great group to join and also hosts regional networking events.

Edit Collective - A community that brings together female, non binary and trans Editors.

Edit Jockeys - For Film and Television Editors.

Edit Suite Stories - Share and laugh at funny stories from inside real cutting rooms!

I Need An Edit Assistant - UK - Job posts for Edit Assistants.

I Need An Editor - UK - Job posts for Editors.

Making The Cut - A community for new entrants into the industry including Students, Post Production Runners, Edit Assistants, Trainees and more!

People in TV: Runners - Job posts for Runners. In the group announcements there is an incredibly useful post with contains detailed CV advice. After following this, members of the group are able to post their CVs into the group for feedback.

Post Chat - A group for Post Professionals to talk about all things Post Production, including advice and tech help.

The Rough Assembly - The Post Production & Facilities branch of the Film, Theatre and Entertainment union, BECTU.


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