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[WEBINAR] How Do I Become An Assistant Editor?

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to host a Q&A with the 1st Assistant Editors and Editors from Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Humans, 24 Hours In A&E and Kingsman: The Secret Service, on Breaking Into Post Production! Thanks so much to The Rough Assembly for having me! The webinar is now live to watch on YouTube!

Resources mentioned in the webinar:


It was an absolute joy to host this webinar with the 1st Assistant Editors and I learnt so much. I will definitely be re-watching to take my own notes! If you like webinars, you may also enjoy watching Part 1 of the series, Breaking Into Post Production.

My one-to-one mentoring sessions are now open for booking! Are you a Student, Runner, Edit Assistant, Trainee or 2nd Assistant Editor who would like to learn the scripted workflow or refresh your skills? You can book your next session here.

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